Programming Areas

Programming Areas

Boys and Girls Clubs of Toronto provides young people with access to structured, enriching recreational and social programs that are designed to help young people. The myriad of programs and activities offered by Clubs are grouped into four main categories that are essential to healthy child development.


Physical Activity, Health and Safety

With child obesity reaching new levels, the need for physical recreation opportunities for children has never been greater. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Toronto understands the critical role that physical recreation and nutrition play in the life-long health of Canadian children. Our programs focus in developing and increasing young people’s capacity to make healthier choices and engage in positive behaviors that promote their safety and their well-being. Clubs encourage daily physical activity through a variety of programs, from team sports, dance and karate, to rock climbing and outdoor adventure. Also, Clubs offer programs that develop positive attitudes and behaviors related to physical activity, healthy eating, constructive use of leisure, time, skills for stress management, substance abuse prevention, conflict resolution and appreciation of the environment.

Leadership, Growth and Empowerment

Our Clubs provide a place of belonging for young people to feel accepted and supported to develop and express themselves. We focus on developing programs that nurture confidence in children and youth, provide opportunities to develop and practice leadership skills and empower them to support and influence their club and community. These programs enable children and youth to sustain meaningful relationships with other , develop positive self-image and good character, participate in the society, respective their own and others’ cultural identities and live successfully as adults. Whether through music and the arts, outdoor adventure or community leadership, our Clubs provide a wealth of opportunities and experiences for children and youth to develop confidence and skills for life.

Learning and Career Development

For today's youth, a good education is critical to finding work, achieving financial security and being able to contribute to society as adults. Through access to computers and technology training, tutoring academic support programs and employment training, Clubs give young people opportunities to strengthen and acquire new academic skills, test their abilities and enhance career readiness as well as develop a thirst for life-long learning. We implement programs that help children and youths become literate and numerate, develop self-expression, creativity and cultural awareness through the creative arts, set goals, explore careers prepare for employment and promote the love of learning and self-development.

Families and Communities

We work to establish programs that strengthen children, families, and communities. Family and parent support programs, meal programs, emergency services to youth on the street and working with young offenders to get them back on the right track are just a few of the programs clubs provide.


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