Your Donation at Work

Your Donation at Work

When you support Boys and Girls Clubs of Toronto, you are supporting a child.

Your donation makes it possible for us to continue providing life-changing programs and services that encourage young people to achieve their best potential.

How your donations helps...

$25 Donation

Untitled005Provides Homework Help and Valuable Skills Training for Five Young People
Boys and Girls Clubs of Toronto wants young people to be able to pursue their life goals and dreams equipped with the confidence and skills to make them a reality. Through access to technology, tutoring and academic support, your $25 donation gives five young people the opportunity to strengthen and develop academic skills, test their abilities and enhance career readiness.

$50 Donation

05Provides a Healthy, Nutritious Meal for 25 Hungry Children and Youth   Boys and Girls Clubs of Toronto battles child hunger by providing children with a healthy, nutritious meal and snack daily after school, while teaching them the importance of good nutrition and an active lifestyle. Your gift of $50 helps quiet 25 grumbling tummies by providing a much needed healthy meal or after school snack

$75 Donation                                                                                                                                                                                                              

VgtgsProvides Leadership, Skills and Confidence Building Activities for 15 Children and Youth
Boys and Girls Clubs understand the importance of nurturing young people’s minds, bodies and spirits. Access to activities that focus on the arts, cultural and political awareness, outdoor adventures and summer camps, youth leadership and many others can have a lifelong impact. Your gift of $75 allows 15 children and youth to participate in an array of activities that will help them grow up to be healthy, positive contributors in their communities

$100 Donation                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Untitled165Provides a Safe, Enriching Place for 20 Children and Youth after school for an entire year
Boys and Girls Clubs programs are accessible and affordable to all children. Membership fees are low and are waived for children in need. Our Clubs provide services to young people and families in high-need communities where they are needed most. Your gift of $100 will ensure that 20 young people have access to a safe, supportive place to go when they’re not in school for an entire year.

$250 Donation                                                                                                                                                                                                          

 Mg 8189Provides Community Services and Support for Five Families
Boys and Girls Club programs strengthen children, families and the entire community. Group homes, family support programs, emergency services to youth on the street and work with young offenders are just a few of the programs Clubs provide. Your gift of $250 not only provides much needed support for five families in need of assistance, it will have lasting positive effects for an entire community.


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