Fundraising Event Ideas

Fundraising Event Ideas

Need some inspiration before planning?

Here are a few event ideas to help raise funds and support Boys and Girls Clubs of Toronto

A-Thon Events
A-Thon events are a great way of getting excited to get involved in supporting our cause. From walk-a-thons to read-a-thon, from Trike-a-thons to Swim-a-thons, these events are fun and challenge each participant to stand up in support of a cause while having a great time. Be creative and create your own A-Thon Event

Gather families, friends, colleagues, and even the entire neighborhood together for a good old fashion BBQ, and raise awareness and funds for our clubs. Have games and sporting events to make it even more. You could also include a BBQ grill off to get everyone excited.

Dinner Gala
Galas are one of the best ways to raise a large amount of money. Create a fun gala by incorporating a theme. For example, Masquerade Gala, Black and White Ball or 70’s Old School Gala are fun ideas that will have the guests excited about the event. Also add extra elements to raise more funds like an auction.

Cocktail fundraiser
Consider planning a cocktail soiree on behalf of Boys and Girls Clubs of Toronto. Engage guests with entertainment, food and drinks while raising awareness.

Office/Workplace Fundraiser
Get your co-workers or your organization to select an activity to raise funds at work. Fun ideas like, bingo, raffle draws, breakfast sale, Fundraising Friday, Dress-down Day, department challenge, sweepstakes, etc. 

Bake sales
Everyone loves a sweet treat, especially when it’s for a cause. Bake sales is not just a fun way of fundraising but also a great opportunity to incorporate kids and teaching them the value in giving back. Don’t just have the regular bake sale, add a twist and other elements to make it a memorable and unique event.

Auctions/Silent Auctions
Everyone loves a great bargain. Hosting an auction is a great way to fundraise. Have individuals, groups and businesses donate goods and services. Be creative in what you can auction off and make certain that the goods and services are sold at reasonable prices.

Garage Sales
Have a lot of items sitting in your attic, get them out and sell them to generate funds for our club. Get your entire neighbourhood to make it an even bigger event.


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