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Start Planning

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Learn from similar fundraising event that were successful and learn from their best practices. What worked and what didn’t?

Create your event planning team
Planning a fundraising event requires commitment and dedication. Put together a team of people with valuable skills to organize a successful event. Delegate tasks and be sure to create concrete deadlines for completing each task

Be creative
Consider an online component, such as creating a website for the fundraiser. Brainstorm on ways of making your event more fun and unique to give people a reason to attend.

Set a goal
It is important to set a realistic goal of how much you hope to raise with your event. Also, have a planning timeline of tasks before the event in order to ensure that all tasks are completed and everything runs smoothly on the event day

Create a budget
Identify all the elements of the event and its costs and then create a budget. Find ways of saving or lowering cost by gathering sponsors, getting in-kind donations and requesting for discounts etc. 

Plan the event
Start planning! Outline every task that needs to be done and assign a deadline. It is important to start planning as far ahead as possible. Book a location of the event, decide on a time and date. Be mindful of the type of event when selecting a location, time and date.

Spread the word
Advertise the event. Social media a strong tool in publicizing an event, using tools like Facebook and Twitter are great ways of creating awareness. Take advantage of local free weeklies, community bulletin boards and advertise on free websites. Spread the word by distributing flyers and posters. You may also want to send out an email list and encourage others to forward to a friend.

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