Our Clubs

Our Clubs

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Toronto is a collation of 8 clubs, with 77 satellite locations spread across Toronto and together we serve 35 communities in Toronto. Our Clubs strive to bring out the best potential of every child offering children, from pre-school to young adulthood, a safe, affordable, enriching and fun place to go after school. 


Our Clubs provide challenging activities that encourage healthy living, personal growth, learning, and community involvement. We build self-esteem through supportive adult mentors and engaging activities that challenge and enrich the mind, body and spirit of each child.

All local Boys and Girls Clubs are:

  • Safe, supervised facilities offering daily programs that encourage the healthy physical, social and educational development of children and youth, from pre-school to young adulthood.
  • Founded on a belief in the positive potential of every child
  • Staffed by caring adults who help build self-esteem and encourage the development of positive values and skills for life during critical periods of childhood growth 
  • Responsive to the unique needs of each child/youth and each community 
  • Managed by an experienced executive director, assisted by full and part-time child/youth development professionals and teams of dedicated community volunteers 
  • Community-based charitable agencies with policies set by voluntary boards comprised of local residents, businesses and youths that are representative of the community served
  • Following the High Five quality standards for children 6-12 


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